Leak Adjustments

Leak Adjustment Requests

The Beaverfork Board of Directors approved a Leak Adjustment Policy that provides members or customers that qualify with monetary relief from excessively high usage due to a leak, break or plumbing failure. When a member or customer determines that they had a leak, break or plumbing failure at their location, the water office should be informed immediately.

To qualify, Water Division personnel will verfiy the occasion and confirm that the situation has been properly resolved. Major repairs also require a Plumbing Permit and the related inspections as part of the situation resolution. Property owners that reside at the location may correct the leak, break, or plumbing failure. Otherwise, the problem must be corrected by a master Plumber.

Written exidence consisting of receipts for repair parts and equipment or invoices from a Master Plumber and proof of payment must be presented with the written request for monetary relief. The request must also identify the specific date and time, and outline the steps taken to resolve the situation. The request and support will be reviewed by the Water Supply Division Manager and the adjustment computed based on the applicable Leak Adjsutment Computation. If the situation arises at your location, call Becky at 501-329-4200 ext. 201 or email bvrforkwtr@tcworks.net.


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